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Kirtan opens the heart and stills the mind. It is the yoga practice of ecstatic chanting. Through repeating the Divine Names in Sanskrit, the mind is cleared of worry, doubt, fear and all limiting concepts. The joy of peace and infinite love is given to the practitioner, and transmitted through the world by chanting. This is the practice of bhakti yoga or the yoga of devotion. - contributed by Pat Sandford

“Music that is saturated with soul force is the real universal music, understandable by all hearts.” — Paramahansa Yogananda

“Kirtan is for all people. There are no experts, no beginners. The practice itself is the teacher, guiding us to ourselves. Kirtan allows us to enter into a mystery world—a world where all the logic of our minds, all the condition and learning are left outside. And in this mystery, we create a temple inside of our hearts, a place of refuge, a place of love, a place of just being.” —Jai Uttal

"Chanting is a way of getting in touch with yourself. It's an opening of the heart and letting go of the mind and thoughts. It deepens the channel of grace, and it's a way of being present in the moment." -- Krishna Das

"You start doing chanting as technique. You start to sing ‘Shri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram.’ You start thinking it means, Honorable Ram, Hail Ram, Hail Hail Ram. Then after an hour you stop thinking about all of that and you are just singing it. You are realizing the aesthetic of the music and how beautiful it is. Then after a while it starts to go deeper until your heart is just singing, it’s singing from inside you. Then there’s a point where true bhakti starts- where dualism ends and you become like the chant. You are in a space where it’s not emotional anymore. It’s moved into the deeper, intuitive quality of love. Touching that love leaves you with trust in the method and trust in where the method takes you—trust in the Beloved and trust in how you get there." –Ram Dass

"If we know anything about a path at all, it's only because of the Great ones that have gone before us. Out of their love and kindness, they have left some footprints for us to follow. So, in the same way that they wish for us, we wish that all beings everywhere, including ourselves, be safe, be happy, have good health, and enough to eat. And may we all live at ease of heart with whatever comes to us in life."
- Kirtan closing prayer by Krishna Das

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


David Newman or Durga Das, as he is also known, is a Kirtan Chant Artist and a practitioner and educator of Bhakti Yoga - the Yoga of Love. David, a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba, travels extensively singing Kirtan (Indian devotional chanting) and sharing the spiritual, devotional, meditative and musical aspects of yoga.

David's music embodies a devotional mysticism, distinctive musicality, poetic intimacy and a deep respect for India's ancient chant tradition. His recordings expand the traditional Kirtan medium by incorporating a wide range of musical and lyrical elements and by exploring a vast palette of progressive production influences.

David CDs include Lotus Feet: A Kirtan Revolution, Soul Freedom, Leap of Grace: The Hanuman Chalisa, a CD/DVD set entitled Into the Bliss and his latest release Love, Peace, Chant on Nettwerk/Nutone.

His live kirtans and concerts are joyous, ecstatic, uplifting and exploding with energy. A dedicated Kirtan Troubadour, David tours throughout the world with Mira, a celebrated devotional singer, recording artist and percussionist.

He is also the author of a book on meditation entitled Merging with Grace and the founder of Yoga On Main in Philadelphia.

Saturday, August 7

Join us for a heartfelt evening of ecstatic call and response chanting, devotional music and sacred song with Kirtan Chant Artist David Newman (Durga Das). David’s distinctive approach to Kirtan embodies a heartfelt devotional mysticism with an adventurous musicality and poetic intimacy. His Kirtans are a joyous and spiritually uplifting journey into bliss! David will be joined by his wife Mira, a gifted devotional vocalist and percussionist. All are welcome!

$ 20 +tax - In advance (before August 7th)
$ 25 +tax - Regular price
$ 55 +tax - Special offer for passes to both David's kirtan and workshop

Downward Dog Yoga Centre – Downtown Location

Sunday, August 8
2:00pm to 4:00pm

Join Chant Artist David Newman (Durga Das) for a bliss-filled and inspirational journey into the art and practice of Kirtan. Kirtan, an ancient and transformative mantra practice, uses the power of sound to uplift the mind and open the heart! As well as group chanting, David will offer you insight and guidance into the meaning and healing applications of this ancient yet timely practice. David will be joined by his wife Mira, a gifted devotional vocalist and percussionist. All are welcome!

"Though David Newman has a deep sense of tradition in his music, there is also something thoughtful, poetic, personal, and almost romantic about his songs." - Yoga Journal

$ 45 +tax - In advance (before August 8th)
$ 50 +tax - Regular price
$ 55 +tax - Special offer for passes to both David's kirtan and workshop

Downward Dog Yoga Centre – Downtown Location
735 Queen St. West, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M6J 1G1

Friday, Aug 6 @ 8pm

BUFFALO: Kirtan with David Newman/Durga Das

@ Shakti Yoga 133 Grant St, Buffalo, NY, USA 14213
716-884 -YOGA(9642) $20

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kirtan with DONNA DE LORY This Friday in TORONTO!!

Live Concert with Donna De Lory!

We are thrilled to have Donna De Lory, who will be in Toronto this July preforming at Lilith Fair, at Toronto's Downward Dog Yoga studio for an evening of live music, Kirtan and pure celebration!
“I’ve always admired Donna’s voice; her songwriting is poignant and heartfelt.” - Madonna

Singer and songwriter Donna De Lory has always followed divergent musical roads. The petite, vivacious brunette with the mighty voice happily dallied in the mainstream as Madonna's sassy tour sidekick for over a decade, but her own parallel journey as a solo artist follows a more eclectic muse.
A devoted student of yoga and spiritual teachings, De Lory's lushly conceived solo albums, like her 2009 ecstatic groove Sanctuary, are not only inspired by Western pop, but Indian devotional music, Sanskrit mantras, Northern African grooves, psychedelic arrangements, and dance beats.

'Kirtan with Donna De Lory'
Friday, July 23rd - 8:00pm
$20 in advance or $25 at the door - register now!

He Ma Durga video posted onto Facebook:

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Madhava das is in the European kirtan scene with his band Gaura Prema.

Anish Pillai, youth kirtaneer from Houston

Gaura-Shakti is a Toronto-based kirtan yoga group with experienced musicians that hail from all around the world

Atmarama Dasa performs devotional songs infused with flamenco guitar

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



The Festival of India, presented by Toronto’s famous Hare Krishna Centre, has its roots in ancient India and is coming to Toronto. Close to 40,000 people participate every year in this two-day festival which provides a feast for the mind, body and soul. Weekend festivities kick off with a parade with 40-foot tall floats, singing, drumming and dancing. This year's parade on Saturday runs down Yonge Street, beginning at Bloor at 11am, and continuing south to Queens Quay.

After the parade down Yonge Street, celebrations continue on Centre Island about noon with the free vegetarian feast. The festival also features an art and culture showcase, dramas, a South Asian Bazaar, exhibits, a children's area, and much more, ending about 9pm.

Accompanying the festival is the YOGA MELTDOWN on Sunday from 12noon until 5pm: a free outdoor yoga celebration with classes, vegetarian cooking demos, mantra meditation circles and performances.

Toronto Centre Island Ferry Info:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



On July 17 and 18, come join us and experience the 38th Annual Festival of India (also known as Ratha-Yatra) in the heart of downtown Toronto. This unique festival launches off with a dynamic, high-energy parade down world-famous Yonge Street on Saturday (beginning at Bloor and continuing south to Queens Quay). The celebrations then shift over to Centre Island for two more days of festivities, expected to draw close to 40,000 people.

The festival is open to the public and is free for everyone. This year's events and attractions include an award-winning arts and culture show, Yoga Meltdown—an outdoor yoga festival, a free vegetarian feast, a South Asian Bazaar, and much, much more.

On Sunday July 18, 2010, we are inviting Toronto’s yoga community, from the simply-curious to the seasoned veterans, to come experience a new yoga revolution that has never been seen before.

The picturesque, serene beauty of Centre Island with its lush parks and cool breezes from the lake will form the backdrop for a feast for the senses. Yoga Meltdown will present attendees with a chance to unwind, rejuvenate and invigorate themselves.

This is the very goal of Yoga Meltdown. To provide an opportunity for spiritual seekers, yoga enthusiasts, vegans/vegetarians and anyone who is curious about yoga to come out and deepen their understanding of yoga and its physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

The event will be highlighted by numerous free activities such as:
- Non-stop outdoor yoga classes and demonstrations
- Vegan and vegetarian cooking demonstrations
- Mantra meditation
- Power-packed chanting and kirtan
- A non-stop stage program including drama and theatre
- An all-you-can-eat, free vegetarian feast, presented by Festival of India
- A South Asian Bazaar and much more!


- Saturday Parade: begins at Yonge and Asquith, north of Yonge and Bloor near the Toronto Reference Library. The closest TTC subway station is Yonge/Bloor station.

- Centre Island: festivities on the island are accessible by the Toronto Ferry Docks, located at Bay and Queens Quay. By TTC, take 509 or 510 streetcar from Union station to the ferry docks. (2009: Kirtan Tent)

Thursday July 15 & Friday July 16 @ 10am - 10pm:

2 days of 12 hour kirtan:

Pre-Ratha-Yatra Kirtan Festival with Madhava das and Gopal das!

Festival Of India!!

Hare Krishna Centre 243 Avenue Road, Toronto at Roxborough

Join us for two 12 hour days of blissful kirtan in New Remuna Dham (Hare Krishna Centre),
Experience ecstatic and sweet kirtan leading up to North America’s biggest Ratha Yatra!

July 15th - 10:00am - 10:00pm
July 16th - 10:00am - 10:00pm including a Maha Harinama thru downtown Toronto!

Madhava das is quite famous in the European kirtan scene with his band Gaura Prem
and Gopal das is part of a 24 hour kirtan group on Vrndavana, India!

And the kirtan bliss continues at the Toronto Ratha-Yatra (July 17th and 18th)
with a rockin' Parade kirtan, Spiritually chaotic kirtan in the Toronto Tunnel,
kirtan on the ferry ride to Centre Island and non-stop kirtan at the Festival site!!!!